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    • Motor Yacht Charter
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    Motor Yacht Charter

    Explore the Cycladic islands in a Multi Day Charter.

    Chartering a Motor Yacht for more than one day is the best way to complement your holiday experience, escaping the ordinary travel itineraries. Experience a sailing cruise on a luxury spacious yacht from Santorini to discover more of the beauty of the Cyclades.

    Decide on a flexible itinerary and enjoy waking up every day on a new island. The crew of the yacht will take care of everything, you only need to relax and enjoy your holiday.

    Cruise Timetable

    Departure: 10:00
    Return: 12:00
    Duration: Flexible

    Mega Yacht Charter

    Your great Escape without Limits!

    There are no Dos and Don’t on this Charter.

    Whether you just want to relax with family and friends while exploring the Aegean in an opulent environment OR setting corporate events & celebrations with an unmatched 5-star experience afloat, on this type of charter your Expectation will be definitely Exceeded.

    Cruise Timetable

    Departure: Flexible
    Return: Flexible
    Duration: Flexible

    Key Destinations

    • Mykonos
    • Milos
    • Paros
    • Naxos
    • Anafi
    • Ios
    • Folegandros
    • Crete


    Santorini to Mykonos

    Discover the jet-setter of the Cyclades, and experience its palpable energy, perfect beaches and pulsating nightlife.

    From glamorous nightclubs to pretty whitewashed windmills, Mykonos is a staunch favorite among international clientele visiting the Greek islands.

    Mykonos is one of the top destinations for summer holidays in Greece. A whitewashed paradise in the heart of the Cyclades, well known for its cosmopolitan lifestyle, intense nightlife & amazing beaches.
    Set out on a journey to the most sought-after summer destination in Greece. Some call it Greece’s answer to Ibiza & for a good reason. Whether you are a party seeker for a real good time or a visitor who wishes to explore the island’s history and tradition, one thing is certain. Mykonos will certainly meet your expectations.

    Highlights: Windmills, Mykonos Town (Chora), Little Venice, Akrotiri Lighthouse, Archaeological Site of Delos, South Beaches Beach Clubs (Nammos, Scorpios, Cavo Paradiso, Super Paradise …).

    Best Known For: Beach parties, Gourmet Restaurants, Shopping & Sandy Beaches.

    Santorini to Mykonos: 2.5 to 3 hours.


    Santorini to Milos

    A Greek Island With Fewer Crowds and More Beaches

    Milos boasts a magnificent colorful landscape and a coastline that counts more than 75 exotic beaches.

    A volcanic island, with impressive lunar landscapes and heavenly beaches. Its romantic landscapes make Milos ideal for couples’ holidays and a popular honeymoon destination. Summer in Milos means swimming in beautiful seas as well as endless strolls around picturesque villages.
    For some good reasons Milos was voted as the best island in the world for 2021!

    Highlights: Sarakiniko Beach (“white beach” of Milos), Klima Village, Firopotamos Village, South West Beaches (Sikia Cave & Kleftiko Beach), Poliegos & Kimolos Island.

    Best Known For: Secluded Beaches, Outworld Landscapes, Seductive Cycladic Villages, Family Friendly & Couple Oriented destination.

    Santorini to Milos: 2.5 to 3 hours.


    Santorini to Paros

    A Destination that has it all!

    Unrivalled natural beauty, beaches with crystal clear waters, Byzantine footpaths connecting traditional villages, breathtaking landscapes and never-ending parties make Paros, located at the heart of the Cyclades, one of the most south-after destinations in Greece.

    Paros is located in the heart of the Cyclades and is considered one of the most beautiful islands of Greece with very exquisite beaches and interesting architecture.
    It is known for its magnificent beaches, graphic villages, and vivid nightlife.
    Indisputably is one of the most popular summer destinations in Greece and travelers from all over the world choose to visit it. It is a top destination not only for younger travelers who are looking for partying but for families as well.

    Highlights: Naoussa Town, Parikia Town, Lefkes Village.

    Best Known For: Beautiful Beaches, Fancy Restaurants, Kitesurfing, Windsurfing.

    Santorini to Paros: 2.5 to 3 hours.


    Santorini to Naxos

    The Queen of the Cyclades!

    Naxos is the largest and most fertile island in the Cyclades group, robed with pristine beaches on its coastline, and surrounded by blue Mediterranean beauty.

    Naxos is the biggest and the greenest island in the Cyclades. It has high mountains, fertile valleys, lush green gorges, stunning seascapes, and traditional villages perched high on mountain tops, where the inhabitants still wear their traditional dress and live off the fruits of the land. Naxos is also home to beautiful old churches, monasteries, and Venetian castles coexisting harmoniously with the Cycladic architecture.
    A gorgeous island, ideal for those looking for a relaxing vacation combined with adventure and exciting nightlife. The Cycladic island is famous for its amazing beaches, beautiful villages, impressive archaeological monuments, and delicious local products.
    No wonder it is one of the most popular Greek destinations!

    Highlights: Hora (Naxos Town), Temple of Apollo(Portara), Temple of Demeter, Apiranthos Village.

    Best Known For: Beautiful Beaches, White Washed Villages, Kitesurfing, Windsurfing, Hiking, Destination for Nature Lovers, Couples & Families.

    Santorini to Naxos: 3.5 to 5 hours.


    Santorini to Anafi

    A pristine destination with beautiful beaches!

    Anafi is a top destination for relaxing holidays, well-known for its wild landscape and amazing views of the Aegean Sea.

    Anafi is a true gem of the Aegean Sea that has remained largely unspoiled by tourism. The small Greek island is famous for its untouched beaches, breathtaking hiking trails, and picturesque capital, Chora. Take a stroll around the beautiful traditional village to marvel at the simplicity of the Cycladic architecture, taste delicious food at the restaurants and enjoy spectacular views of the Aegean.
    While Anafi is an ideal destination for peaceful holidays, it boasts a vivid nightlife during the summer, with Chora being the center of the action.
    The island is also home to the second-highest monolith in Europe after Gibraltar, the so-called vrachos (“rock”)!

    Highlights: Chora (Anafi Town), Kalamos Rock, Monastery of Kalamiotissa, Church of Agios Spyridon.

    Best Known For: Cycladic architecture, Secluded Beaches, Hiking Paths, Untouched & wild Landscapes.

    Santorini to Anafi: 45 minutes to 1 hour.


    Santorini to Ios

    The island of light!

    A charming Cycladic island famous for its amazing beaches, lively party scene and picturesque cliffs.

    Ios, known over the years as an unbridled party-zone, has also made a name for itself as a family-oriented holiday destination and among travelers eager for a place under the sun before the next round of winter sobriety. The island is also famous for the exceptional beauty of its parched landscape, its whitewashed town, and, of course, its dream beaches.
    It’s a typical Cycladic island with rich traditions, but it’s also one of the best destinations in Greece for summer fun! The island is famous for its quaint villages, impressive natural sites, amazing hiking trails, and extraordinary beaches.

    Highlights: Windmills, Skarkos, Venetian Castle, Odysseas Elytis Theatre.

    Best Known For: White Washed Villages, Never Ending Parties, Secluded Beaches, Hiking Paths, Wild Landscapes.

    Santorini to Ios: 30 to 45 minutes.


    Santorini to Folegandros

    The most peaceful and sophisticated island in Cyclades!

    This off-the-beaten-path destination captivates the visitors with the untouched beauty of its beaches, the luminous blue of its waters, and the unadulterated style of its architecture.

    With no airport and only accessible by boat, Folegandros remains an untouched piece of true Greece with a relaxing atmosphere, hospitality, and nice beaches. The Island is small but large enough to make you feel at peace with the human dimension all at hand. It has a landscape of dry hills with kilometers of dry stone walls over a deep blue sea. Despite the fact that its located between the two of the most cosmopolitan Greek islands, Folegandros still manages to keep its unspoiled charm.

    Highlights: Windmills, Skarkos, Venetian Castle, Odysseas Elytis Theatre.

    Best Known For: Ancient sites, Museums, Churches, Castles, Secluded Beaches, Hiking Paths.

    Santorini to Folegandros: 30 to 45 minutes.


    Santorini to Crete

    A place to fall in love with!

    The sea and the soil are not the only elements of this special land. Crete is an island with beautiful people, beautiful places and wonderful lifestyle.

    There is not much to say here. Crete is the home of an extraordinary tradition, with truly happy people, majestic gastronomy, wild landscapes, paradise beaches with pink sand and so much more.
    You should let yourself be fascinated by this place. You must visit the countryside and escape from everyday life.
    Visit the hundreds of villages near the sea or in the mountains, with the most genuine people.
    Explore the south beaches of the island & feel the outworld vibe of the wild nature.
    Hike Natura paths, walk rocky paths to hidden villages & climb mountains to witness rare animals.
    If you wish to experience Greece at its best. Then Crete is your destination.

    Highlights: Elafonisi (Pink Sand Beach), Balos, Vai beach (Palm Beach), The Palace of Knossos, Samaria Gorge, Diktaion (Psychro) Cave.

    Best Known For: Rich Tradition, Gastronomy, Imposing Landscapes, Seductive Beaches.

    Santorini to Crete: 3.5 to 4 hours.

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