Red Beach

Get ready to visit it and be amazed!

The Red Beach of Santorini is without any doubt the most famous and beautiful beach in Santorini & one of the most spectacular beaches in Greece.

The volcanic eruptions led to the formation of this beach surroundings by enormous volcanic rocks, black and red pebbles, and red sand, which compose an outworld scenery that captivates everyone from the minute they step their foot on this stunning place.

Semi-organized beach with a few umbrellas and sunbeds | pebbles

Access: by car or bus from Fira to Agios Nikolaos chapel & from there, there is a small footpath (4 minutes) | by boat

Location: 12 km southwest of Fira
Tips: avoid flip flops | carry all the necessary equipment & supplies

Google Maps Location: Santorini Red Beach

Santorini Red Beach Cruise Yacht

White Beach

A unique place with impressive wild surroundings!

Forming a natural continuation of the Red Beach, the smaller White Beach is one of the most particularly secluded beaches on the island, suitable for those who seek privacy on the natural color spectrum!

The sand on the beach is not white (Lefki Ammos), as its name clearly indicates. It is a small cove with black pebbles and grey volcanic sand that contrasts with the white surroundings and this contrast is actually what makes it so special. The coast is shallow and the waters are crystal clear, very tempting for a refreshing swim!

Nudism-Friendly, Secluded, Non-Organized | Pebbled

Access: on foot from the adjacent Kambia beach | by boat

Location: 14 km southwest of Fira
Tips: avoid the footpath if you are not an athletic type | carry all the necessary equipment & supplies

Google Maps Location: Santorini White Beach

Mesa Pigadia beach

A picturesque & tranquil place!

One of the hidden jewels of Santorini, Mesa Pigadia Beach is an ideal place to laze around for travelers who love isolated beaches and less crowds.

The small, adorable cove of Mesa Pigadia resembles Vlychada Beach as it is surrounded by towering, naturally sculpted by the wind and the sea, volcanic cliffs that are quite impressive and provide shelter from the strong north winds.

Partly-Organized | Pebbled

Access: Dirt Road | Boat

Location: 10 km south of Fira
Tips: prefer jeep, SUV, or quad car for the dirt road

Google Maps Location: Santorini Mesa Pigadia Beach

Vlychada Beach

A lunar landscape!

Vlychada beach stands out for the overwhelming carved cliffs that resemble a sculptor’s work but is, in fact, a natural process owed to the volcano, the wind and the sea.

Vlychada’s sand, a volcanic, fine, black gravel, contrasts with bright rocks. The whole is crowned with turquoise water shimmering in the sunlight. Nature in this part of the island decided to go wild, creating unusual rock formations with impressive, wind-carved paths.

Partly-Organized | Sandy

Access: Road | Boat

Location: 10 km southwest of Fira
Tips: prefer jeep, SUV, or quad car for the dirt road

Google Maps Location: Santorini Vlychada Beach

Santorini Vlychada Beach Boat Tour

Palaia Kameni (Agios Nikolaos Bay)

A unique experience!

This small beach is not located on Santorini island but northeast of Palia Kameni island. Palia Kameni (or Palea Kameni) is the smallest of the two volcanic islands, Palia Kameni and Nea Kameni, in the middle of Santorini Caldera which was created after a volcanic eruption.

The landscape is wild, with black rocks and the water is warm due to the thermal springs in the area. Swimming at Palia Kameni beach is one of the unique experiences that Santorini has to offer.

Secluded, Non-Organized | Rocky

Access: Boat

Location: 4 km south west of Fira
Tips: If you plan to swim in the Hot Springs, wear a bathing suit you don’t care about. (learn more about the hot springs here)

Google Maps Location: Santorini Palaia Kameni

Santorini Hot Springs Beach

Columbo beach

Picturesque landscapes and well-warmed waters!

Columpbo beach is a unique and unspoiled long back sandy beach with pebbles, surrounded by cliffs and a beautiful natural environment. Offering great views and relaxing moments since it is quite isolated, the beach is not organized and attracts many nudists.

Secluded, Non-Organized, Nudism-Friendly | Pebbled

Access: Road

Location: 9 km northeast of Fira
Tips: There are no bus routes to Columbo Beach, so you can only access it by rental car or motorbike.

Google Maps Location: Santorini Columbo beach

Kamari beach

Vibrant and lively atmosphere!

Kamari beach is at the foot of the imposing Mesa Vouno Mountain where the prominent archaeological site of Ancient Thera is found.

The beach is composed of black volcanic sand and is 5 kilometers long, among the 3 longest beaches in Santorini, with deep crystalline waters and a series of trees. It is fully organized with hundreds of sunbeds and umbrellas, showers, a lifeguard on duty, and numerous facilities. There is a diving center where you can take lessons and try snorkeling. Here you have the opportunity to experience a variety of water sports as well, such as windsurfing, water skiing, surfing, and paddle boats that induce an adrenaline rush.

Well-Organized, Diving Club, Watersports, Family Friendly | Sandy

Access: Road

Location: 9 km southeast of Fira
Tips: In the northern part of the beach, the sea has slippery slabs, so you should be cautious when getting in and out of the sea.

Google Maps Location: Santorini Kamari beach

Santorini Kamari Beach Private Boat Trip

Pori beach

Lovely area with traditional character!

This small, beautiful beach is not famous and is mostly preferred by local families. It is sandy, surrounded by reddish cliffs.

Here you will swim in crystal clear waters and take delight in the tranquility and privacy it offers. It is ideal for those who wish to avoid crowded places and cosmopolitan beaches. Right above the beach, you can find a small traditional tavern where you can taste fresh fish and other typical dishes.

Secluded, Non-Organized | Pebbled

Access: Road

Location: 6 km north of Fira
Tips: Check the weather before you go because sometimes it can become windy and wavy.

Google Maps Location: Santorini Pori beach

Kambia Beach

A beautiful and spectacular pebble beach!

Kambia is a lovely, little beach characterized by crystal-clear waters, and large volcanic pebbles and is surrounded by cliffs that provide partial natural shade. This beach is isolated and hard to access therefore, ideal for relaxation away from other busy beaches.

There are some umbrellas and sun beds available to rent & an adorable traditional Greek tavern by the sea where you can keep cool and taste typical local dishes, drinks and fresh fish.

Secluded, Semi-Organized | Pebbled

Access: Dirt Road (15 minutes) | footpath (45 minutes) | Boat

Location: 14 km southwest of Fira
Tips: Check the weather before you go because sometimes it can become windy and wavy.

Google Maps Location: Santorini Kambia beach

Perissa beach

A volcanic beach with unique characteristics!

The scenery that the black lava sand along with the sandy sea bottom and the dark blue, crystal clear waters compose is impressive.

It is a fully organized, cosmopolitan beach with an abundance of comfy lounging chairs, umbrellas, and other amenities, like lifeguards, showers, and a playground & has received the Blue Flag award.

Well-Organized, Watersports, Family Friendly | Pebbled

Access: Road

Location: 12 km southeast of Fira
Tips: If you are a party lover get an extra clean outfit with you & wait for the clock to climb past 7.

Google Maps Location: Santorini Perissa beach

Santorini Perissa Beach Yacht Cruise

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